Every Time We Talked About A Restaurant, He Would Say,hey, We Got A Kitchen Right There.

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We always joked about starting a restaurant, but my dad, he was like the Mexican Archie Bunker [a fictional character from the 1970s American television sitcom “All in the Family”]. Every time we talked about a restaurant, he would say,"Hey, we got a kitchen right there. Why don’t you whip us up a blue plate special?" This was the 50s and women didn’t work. So, we would always joke and talk about a Trejo’s tacos, but that was it.  Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts carries locally-roasted beans complete with Trejo’s face emblazoned on the bag  (Danny Trejo) Then I was doing a film called “Bad Ass” and the producer was a guy named Ash [Ash R. Shah]. He saw that I was a foodie, so, he said "Why don’t you start a restaurant?" I said, "Yeah, Trejo’s Tacos." But then he came to me with a business plan. I have two women I work with, because behind every good man, there better be a great woman. I showed the plan to my agent and secretary, and they looked over it. best influencer marketing Los Angeles They said this was the first business plan that someone brought to me that I didn’t have to put up $500,000 for. We started it with Trejo’s Tacos and it soared.

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