Don’t Assume Your Server Knows You Are The Host And Are Responsible For The Check.

She believes it’s just too important to not make eye contact. Other than that, Weghorst says relax, be attentive and be kind. Those three qualities will pass muster, even though your fine dining manners may need brushing up. Don’t assume your server knows you are the host and are responsible for the check. Let him or her know, quietly. Don’t wait till the end of the meal to take care of the bill. Don’t ask your guest if they would like to share. Don’t use the side of your knife to check your teeth. If you see that your dessert or salad is served from a plate, always eat it with a fork. The bread and butter plate are to the left, the main meal plate is in the middle, and water and wine glasses will be above your knife. Use the utensils that are the farthest out, first.

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